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MAY 10, 2021

Hindu Vegetarian Cooking for Ramadan

Join AMMWEC for our Ramadan Cooking Series. In our last episode Sheela Kene, President of the World Hindu Council Irvine Chapter cooked puran poli and talked about vegetarianism in Hinduism.

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APRIL 29, 2021

Ramadan Cooking with Rabbi Marcia

Join AMMWEC for our Ramadan Cooking Series. Watch Rabbi Marcia Tilchin from the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County tell us all about the history of matzah and its significance in the Jewish religion during Passover. Rabbi Marcia made K’neidelack (Matzah balls) and Passover Puffs made with matzah meal.

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APRIL 21, 2021

National Interfaith Iftar

Join AMMWEC and our Jewish partners from Combat Antisemitism (CAM) to our annual National Interfaith Iftar event, which will be held on April 21st, 2021 at 3:00 PM EST.

The Iftar is an evening meal in which Muslims end their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan. We look forward to bringing together distinguished members of Congress, diplomats, and leaders of all faiths to celebrate in the spirit of peace, tolerance, and cooperation.

This year, we also launched our Feeding The Homeless Project, which will distribute food to the needy in both Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. To help us reach more people in need, please donate. Any contribution will help make an impact.

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APRIL 19, 2021

Bangladeshi Ramadan Cooking

Join AMMWEC for our Ramadan Cooking Series. Our first guest was Jolie Ahmed, a Bangladeshi-American cook with her own YouTube channel. She cooked fried eggplant, cauliflower pakora, lentil and veggie pakora, vegetable noodles, and Bengali fish curry. Watch the video to find out Jolie’s traditional Bangladeshi recipes!

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MARCH 29, 2021

Meet the First Pakistani-American Woman to Become U.S. Attorney

We are closing our Women’s History Month interview series with Michigan Acting U.S. Attorney Saima Mohsin. Ms. Mohsin is the first Muslim and Pakistani-American woman to earn this position. She had a candid conversation with our board member Bushra Mateen about her journey.

If you missed the interview, you can watch it HERE.