Bushra Mateen is an educator who works with high schoolers with learning disabilities. Bushra was born in Karachi but spent the first nine years of her life in Bonn, West Germany, where her father worked with the Pakistani Embassy. After returning to Karachi, Bushra earned a Bachelors Degree in Geography and a Masters Degree in International Relations from Karachi University. Bushra worked as an editor and publisher for a magazine in Pakistan and was a premier journalist. Hailing from a political family in Pakistan, Bushra is passionate about US politics and international affairs. Her goal is to fight religious and gender-based discrimination through positive narratives. Bushra’s outreach to faith communities has made her a strong voice of peace and reason. She speaks to Interfaith groups and works with AMWEC partners such as the LA Human Rights Commission, Olive Tree Initiative, FBI, and Mayor of LA. She has proven leadership qualities and has inspired many women to come forward and join AMWEC’s movement for inclusion and respect.